Sunday, May 11, 2014

Review: Pretty Deadly by Emma Rios and Jordie Bellair

I received this courtesy of Diamond Book Distributors through Netgally in return for an honest review. 

{Actual Rating-2.5 Stars}

“And the end of the world began when death fell in love”

This book was a bit of a let down. Let’s start out with the positive; this graphic novel had breath-taking art. The drawings were beautiful. Unfortunately, this is where the positive ends. Maybe it’s just me but I didn’t get the plot. There was a girl. She was fleeing. I think. . . Other than that I didn’t get what was going on at all. And to tell you the truth that makes it slightly difficult to actually review. But basically: not impressed.   

The Summary:

“He freed beauty’s soul, but kept the child whole, and death named his baby girl Ginny.”

Since I don’t quite understand the plot, this summary is going to be a bit all over the place. Death falls in love with a women trapped in the castle. He frees her and they end up having a child, Ginny. Ginny is special for a reason that was never mentioned (maybe it’s because she the child of death, but I don’t know). The book follows Ginny who, I think, is on the run. There were also random snippets of other people who I don’t ever remember being introduced. Basically this book was a giant mess of confusing


If you’re looking for a graphic novel only because you want to see nice art, this book is for you. If not you might want to pass on this one. 

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