Review Policy

When reviewing and rating books I take into consideration following;

-The Plot (Was it interesting? Was it well developed? Was there good pacing? Was it unique?)
-The Characters (Where they interesting and complex? Where they enjoyable to read about? Where they relatable?)
-The Writing (Did the author use good word choices? Did the sentences flow well?)
-The Setting/World Building  (Could I imagine the world while reading? If dystopian or fantasy, was the world unique and constructed well?)
-The Romance [if any] (Did the romance feel well developed? Was it interesting? Was it enjoyable?)
-The Enjoyability (Did I enjoy reading it? Was I motivated to continue reading?)
-Other Key Aspects (i.e. the ending, the mystery, the artwork, the cliffhanger, the plot twist, ect.)

Review Requests:

Send all review requests to:

If you would like for me to review your book keep in mind that all reviews are 100% honest. I won't bash the book if I didn't like it, but I will share my dislike for it and I won't be lenient because it was sent to me. However, if I did enjoy the book I will promote it on my blog and goodreads.

I will respond to every email review request within the period of two days, but often sooner. Please specify in your email if you have a specific date you would like the review to be posted, if you don't specify I will post it anytime from a month to the week before the release date. If you would like for me to review a sequel know that you may have to send me the previous books in the series.

I review:

I prefer YA (Mature YA Okay):
-Science Fiction
-Graphic Novel/Manga
-Historical Fiction

However if you have a book that does not fit into any of these categories you may still send me a request as book as the book is not:

-Non Fiction

I accept books in any format, ebook, epub, pdf, physical copy, arc, audio book, ect. For every review copy recieved I will always post the review on my blog and on my goodreads. If you have other sites you would like for me to post my review to, or any other specifications please let me know.

In your email you must include:
-Publication Date
-Format of the book

Please have the subject of the email be as follows;
Review Request- [Book Title]
If you want to contact me over a cover reveal, giveaway, or book blitz, replace review request with what you would like me to do for you.

I also do:
-Cover Reveals
-Book Blitzes/Promos
-Host Giveaways
-Have Guest Posts from Author
-Share Excerpts
-Host Read-a-longs
-Have Q&A sessions

Contact me:

If you'd like to contact me with questions, concerns, feedback, review requests, author interview request, or anything else my contact email is:

Thank you!

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